Wednesday, 19 May 2010

5 ways Dungeons and Dragons could help you survive a zombie outbreak!

Yup! I've thought of 8 ways D&D can help you with a zombie outbreak...Yes it could happen one day!

An epidemic has occurred! A virus has been leaked from a nearby science lab that kills humans! Problem is they come back to life being mindless flesh eating zombies!
You're in your house with your housemates and you learn of this outbreak on the news...what do you do?

Teamwork would be essential for the survival of a zombie outbreak. Playing D&D has helped you learn how to get along with other people. How to distribute resources (such as food, guns and ammo), sharing and the ability to resolve conflicts in the group. This includes clear communication between other members so you can warn others the presence of the undead shuffling nearby, or in case you're suddenly in trouble!

You know about zombies
You've done this before! Your characters have battled hundreds of zombies to keep them away from your flesh! You've learnt about the behaviour, the sounds they make and how they detect you. Best of all, you know how to defeat them, just cut the head off and the body will follow! This gives you an obvious advantage to those who know nothing about the undead.

Quick evaluation
As your characters frequently encounter novel situations, you're constantly having to think about what to do and what will happen if you do what you do. You're aware of the consequences afterwards without a personal cost (but an obvious cost to your character!). All these experiences will add to your wisdom, so the next time you encounter a situation with hundreds of may know what to do.
This quick evaluation ability can be applied to evaluating yourself. You can quickly know your (and others) strengths and weaknesses so you can increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Maybe pushing a bit to a stretch but after watching numerous D&D films and Lord of the Rings you'll be indirectly learning how to use weapons. You may have role played some scenes which involved weapons, or performed actions with a wooden sword. In the UK a gun could be hard to come by so you'll most likely have to use a kitchen knife. You could even try and equip two if you play the role of a ranger! With the use of this knowledge you are able to combat one or two zombies. If you use miniatures in a D&D game you can quickly plan tactics with others by imagining the position of the miniatures on a board. You can draw on tactics that you used before in the games that were successful, thus saving time planning and increasing your chance of survival. This would be an obvious advantage.

Knowing where to look
With my group, I always ask the players where they are exactly looking in a room before doing a search roll to see if they find anything. Over time, they have learnt key areas to search in to find goodies. If your group does this, you would have learnt key areas to look for. This can be applied for real life, if you need to look for something you'll most likely know where to look. You'll save time and this means less chance of being attacked by a group of zombies!

What do you guys think? Any other qualities and abilities D&D players have that could help?

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